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Best time to visit The Taj Mahal

Best time to visit The Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal, the seventh wonder of the world attracts innumerable number of tourists round the year. It is a must-visit tourist attraction in any India Tour. The monument provides such an enthralling view to its tourists that tourists do not matter much about when to visit the monument. The Taj is a monument built by white marble but it presents a flamboyant look at different hours of the day and during the different seasons in a year.

The Taj presents a baby pinkish look in the morning with the rays of the early rays of sun spreading upon it. The pinkish look of the Taj in the morning provides such a poignant view to its on-lookers about this monument of love. During daylight the Taj shines in milky white presenting a majestic look to its tourists. And during the night this monument presents a golden look which evokes eternal gratification to it’s on- lookers.

The Climate of Agra city is quite unpredictable which is of extreme and tropical natures. Summers are extremely hot and stuffy with the temperature soaring upto 45 degree Celsius whereas winters are icy cold and foggy. The monsoon season in the city is marked by heavy rains and high humidity.

Tourists are often curious of When to visit the Taj Mahal. Summer and rainy seasons are not advisable for visiting the Taj Mahal. So winter is the favourable time to visit this famous monument.

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The Best time to visit The Taj Mahal is between late autumn and early spring i.e. between October and March.

The trip to the Taj Mahal during this period will be a pleasant expedition exploring the hidden beauties of this monument of love.

A visit to the Taj Mahal is a virtual part of an Agra Tour. An ideal visit to this monument of love will leave you with an enchanting cum enthralling travel experience.