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Agra Fort

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Embark on a fascinating Agra Tour visiting the affluent historical monuments and forts in the city. You will experience a deep plunge into the elegant architectural works of the Mughal rulers and artists. Among the various attractions in Agra, Agra Fort is one eye-captivating attraction in the city after Taj Mahal, the seventh wonder in the world.

About Agra Fort :

Agra Fort is ideally nestled 2 kilometres away northwest of Taj Mahal. This grand monument of red sandstone was constructed by the Mughals during 1565-1571 A.D. The fort is a proud gift of the Mughal rulers and artists, contributing its share to the elegant architectural works in India. The Great Emperor Akbar laid the foundation of this majestic fort in 1565. Shahjahan, Akbar’s grandson completed its constructions by 1571.

The fort presents a crescent shaped look flattened eastward with a long straight wall facing the river. The Fort’s massive double walls rise around 69 feet in height and measure 2.5 kilometres in circumference encircled by a moat. The Fort also contains a maze of buildings which form a small city within a city.

Agra Fort is a historical monument in India which has in store many splendid mosques and palaces in red sandstone and white marble built by two generations of creative builders during the era of Akbar, Jehangir and Shahjahan. The fort is one of the ideal Tourists Spots In Agra.

Two gates bound the majestic Fort adding to its elegant charms. The original and grandest entrance was through the Delhi Gate which leads to the inner portal called Hathi Pol or Elephant Gate. Presently the entrance to the fort is only through the Amar Singh Gate. The southern part of the fort is the present site from where public access is available.

Attractions in Agra Fort

Agra Fort is one of the major Attractions In Agra which attracts thousands of tourists in the city. The close proximity of the fort from the world famous Taj Mahal also makes it a desired tourist destination in Agra. The fort presents tourists with the following attractions:

Jehangir Mahal : The Jehangir Mahal was built by Akbar as a residence for his son Jehangir. The Mahal is a fusion art work of Hindu and Central Asian Architectural styles. Endowed with an impressive gateway and a charming inner courtyard which consists of two storey facade of beautiful halls, the Mahal is a proud gift of the Mughal artisits.

Khas Mahal : The Khas Mahal or the Private Palace was built by Shah Jahan in 1637. This Mahal presents a distinctive Islamic- Persian feature. The Mahal presents the most successful example of painting on a white marble surface.

Musamman Burj : The Musamman Burj is located on the left of the Khas Mahal. This octagonal tower with an open pavilion was built by Shahjahan for his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal. The tower which overlooks the Yamuna River is traditionally considered to have one of the most poignant views of the Taj Mahal. Shah Jahan spent his last few years as a captive of his son Aurangazeb. Shah Jahan breathed his last breath from this tower gazing at the Taj Mahal.

Diwan- i- Khas :
Diwan- i- khas(hall of private audience) is a historical hall built by Shah Jahan in 1636-37. This hall was used to receive kings, dignitaries and ambassadors.

Sheesh Mahal : Sheesh Mahal or the Glass palace is believed to have been the royal dressing room. The Mahal is one of the best specimens of glass- mosaic decoration in India. The Mahal is composed of two halls which presents a rich work of the Mughal artists.

Macchhi Bhawan :
The Macchhi Bhawan is located opposite to the Diwan- i- Khas. The place is a grand enclosure meant for harem functions.

Hammam- i- Shahi :
Hammm- i- Shahi is located to the right of Diwan- i- Khas. It is an airy apartment attached to the residential quarters and was used as a summer retreat by the Mughal emperors.

Diwan-i-Am :
Diwan-i-Am or hall of public audience is made of red sandstone. It was built by Shah Jahan. The hall used to be a common gathering place where courtly events were conducted. The hall is one of the attractions inside the Agra Fort.

Agra Fort with its various tourist attractions is amongst the various travel destinations in an India Tour.